The Hypocrisy of the anti-independence pols and their running dogs in Her Majesty’s Press, has reached new levels with the teeth-gnashing contempt shown for the First Minister and his sin of articulating a thoughtful realpolitik assessment of Putin in GQ magazine.

This was an interview given BEFORE Putin goosestepped his way to anschluss with Crimea.

Let’s take the behaviour of Jackson Carlaw MSP as proxy for the wall of self-hYPOCRITE OF THE MONTHserving carnival barking we have had to endure for the past few days from the Union’s frontmen.

Jackson, in the view of we ourselves, is deserving of the highest honour we can bestow on a dissembling pol.

Now to provide some context, Jackson is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, and he’s never actually won an election or anything.

Rather he has been the beneficiary of welfare in the form of the Holyrood assisted places scheme, that allows hopeless dullards to pick up a fat salary and a nice pension for coming in fourth in a poll.

No one can say Carlaw, erstwhile car salesman of 25 years standing, lacks ethical standards or moral rectitude.

When there were moves afoot by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birdseagle to make the Golden Eagle a symbol of Scotland, Saunch Unionist and Tory Carlaw was outraged, comparing that ancient icon of Alba to a symbol of Nazi Germany and Roman imperialism.

There can be no doubt that those citizen victims of the austerity package  implemented by his boss, were cheered to know Jackson was on point looking after their vital interests.

So is it any surprise he was shocked, shocked, when Alex Salmond brought seasoned nuance to an evaluation of some of the major players on the world stage, one of whom was Vladimir Putin?

Even saying the dictators name gives Jackson the vapours.

Here’s what he had to say as reported in the Huffington Post:

 “Putin is keen on suppressing the media and political opposition, so it’s no wonder Alex Salmond admires him.

“This is quite an embarrassing ramble from the First Minister, who is desperate to be seen as some kind of equal to global leaders.

“It also makes a mockery of the Scottish Government’s faux outrage over the Crimea situation. The people of Scotland will see through this most recent sucking up offensive.”

“[S]ucking up offensive”, hmm . . .

So it’s quite clear what Jackson thinks of Vladimir and Salmond.

It is a puzzle then, that we ourselves can find no statement of his condemning his ultimate boss, the Capo di tutti capi, David Cameron, for conspiring with and “sucking up” to, the very same Vladimir, to put a knife in Scotland by openly questioning Scots competence to run their own affairs.

Cameron was all over Putin like a cheap suit looking for a favour from a foreign dictator to act against the interests of 5 million British citizens he is sworn and honour bound to protect and serve.

How could this sin of omission from the righteous Jackson Carlaw MSP possibly be?

Well, its hard not to conclude that Mr Carlaw is other than a hypocritical, mendacious, gasbag. An opportunist who’s interested in the optics of an event, and how he can distort them to serve his own nefarious needs.

We ourselves have great pleasure then to present to JACKSON CARLAW MSP the award of


herald putin cameron

Cameron pleads with Putin to fix indy vote while Robertson invites Stalin’s heir to join NATO



The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, has been caught cameron begs putinconspiring with the dictator of Russia to ensure Scotland never gets to have a fair vote.

President Putin, the Hammer of the Ukraine, recently annexed the Crimea. Now it appears Cameron has begged his help in ensuring Scotland remains annexed to England. Birds of a feather.

As we ourselves have previously revealed, Embassy cables have demonstrated that an unbelievable 34 nations were pressured by Cameron to oppose Scottish independence.

herald putin cameron

In the specific case of enlisting the help of the Russian dictator, there is additional corroboration. According to the Herald:

“The Tass report, by one of the agency’s correspondents, hit the Russian putin and cameronlanguage news wires on Hogmanay.

Its opening paragraph reads: “Great Britain is extremely interested in the support of Russia, as holder of the G8 presidency, in two vital areas in 2014: the Afghan pull-out and the Scottish independence referendum.”

In the traditional style of a Russian news wire report, this assertion was then attributed to a “representative” in the Prime Minister’s office who was speaking anonymously.

The journalist then added a direct quote from the unnamed source talking of “two main issues whose resolution requires international formats, albeit of different modalities”.

The Cameron Government insider then, according to the report, added: “Those are the withdrawal of combat units from Afghanistan by the end of the 2014 and September’s referendum on Scottish independence.”


Robertson invites Russia to Join NATO. Putin’s OK Robertson assures us

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, George Robertson is inviting the heir to Stalin to join NATO! I don’t blame you for being sceptical so here’s yer actual video of George’s big wet one to Vlad. And this link to the original source NATO interview.

“We stand for values, stand for liberal values, and that has to include Russia, whether under the present or a future leadership, because the previous leadership, when Mr Putin was first president, believed in exactly that objective. And that’s what we’ve got to aim for.” George Robertson


BBC CBITellingly, the BBC still hasn’t resigned from the anti-independence campaign  propaganda mouthpiece institution, the CBI . . . birds of a feather.

Just today the CBI reversed itself and now says:

“We wiz only kiddin’, mister. Wu’r no pro-naw or nothin’. We urnae, honest!” I’ht wiz yon wee twit fae Twecher whit did it.

Answered the phone ben the room while a’ wiz in the cludgie, ‘n at, “Do you want to register with the Electoral Commission?”, said, “Aye, sure! Is thaur a prize?” A’m iz scunnered iz you! That’s whit happen’d. Amurnae lyin’!

The BBC has parroted innumerable dire warnings (fear bombs) from the CBI over the past three years since the SNP won an overall majority in Holyrood, and a referendum on independence became inevitable.

While it has been careful to present the CBI as an independent politically non-partisan representative of big business, not once has it declared its own close business relationship with the CBI.

It never revealed to its paying customers, the licence holders, that the BBC was itself joined at the hip to this political agent of the Unionist campaign.

With this omission the BBC committed a political fraud upon the Scottish electorate. It hid its involvement until it was outed in just the last few days. 

The BBC should disavow this sham outfit now! It has no credibility left and the BBC is on its way to joining it in that deficit.

It is unclear if the Corporation is still intending to suspend its membership (not cancel it or end it) on or after May 30, (which would give it another five weeks to try to fix outcome of the referendum using YOUR money). That is simply not good enough.

The BBC is bankrolled with taxpayers hard-earned cash (the “licence” is a tax by any other name), and it should not be using it to support a partisan agency in furtherance of its private political agenda. The Neither the BBC nor the CBI can unring that bell.

Make no mistake, in continuing to pay dues to and maintaining membership of the CBI, the BBC is endorsing it and bestowing upon it the imprimatur of authenticity and legitimacy.

That makes BBC itself an agent of that same partisan political campaign, in violation of every tenet, law, and ethic, to which it is required to adhere and obey.

Though it may officially withdraw its support for Better Together, the CBI continues to use its resources to lobby on behalf of the anti-independence campaign by seeding scare story after scare story in the media, and in particular, on the BBC.

There is consequently still a transfer of asset value going on, in the form of the distribution and dissemination of unpaid propaganda by the CBI to the NO campaign.

That operation costs money and who’s providing it? You are.

Money laundering definition: BBC gives taxpayer money to the CBI for uh, “membership fees”. CBI then gives that money to Better Together to pay for the NO campaign that the BBC is expressly prohibited from assisting by its charter and by law.

Alas it seems only perp-walking execs out of Pacific Quay in handcuffs will bring the BBC to Jesus over their referendum malpractice.

Let’s draw the BBC a diagram, shall we?

Taxpayer £ > BBC > CBI > Better Together Campaign = election fraud & criminal conspiracy > handcuffs > jail


We are indeed blessed in the enemies Providence has provided us


Express duplicity

This is in the “you couldn’t make this stuff up” department.
South of the border the Daily Express warns UK pensions payments will drop by 66% while north of the border the Express assures us pensions are safer within the UK


On the eve of Gordon Brown’s intervention into the referendum debate, the media are once again giving his pontifications rapt attention.gordon brown

On two previous occasions he received the same fulsome praise of Her Majesty’s Press. They rolled out the red carpet for him and breathlessly informed readers that Brown remained a well respected, if not revered figure in Scottish politics – a heavy hitter still popular with the proles.

That all this guff was arrant nonsense was evinced by the population’s indifference to his intervention, despite the chutzpah and carnival barking hype of the media.

It is a measure of the cosmic incompetence and cluelessness of the political chattering class and the anti-independence campaign, that they are making the very same error yet again.

A YES vote in September will be a Darwin Award presented to the dinosaurs of the Union’s political class who are facing extinction, due to their arrogance and wilful incomprehensiondarwin award

Brown was Britain’s chief architect of the financial collapse, the enormous cost of which is largely being borne on the backs of those least able to pay it. He is directly responsible for the £100 billion loss incurred by pension funds.

Yet the former PM has habitually and brazenly lifted his Commons salary then jetted off to warmer climes to give speeches for much handsomer reward.

He netted millions while those he is paid to represent were left in the bitter cold, without representation and without hope.

WeOurselves will give some free advice to the Unionist press and political class: If you want to have a chance of winning this campaign you first need to get a clue.

Stop the fear mongering, go away and find out what it is you are supposed to be doing. Your Keystone Cops routine whilst entertaining, is damaging your brand.

In the past several weeks you have shot yourself in the foot, kicked yourself in the arse, poked yourself in the eye with a burnt stick, then you hung yourself, before jumping off a tall bridge.

You have literally become worse than useless, your own worst enemy, as each scare story became ever more shrill and ever dafter.

We in the independence movement are indeed blessed in the enemies Providence has provided us.


As reported in today’s Guardian, the petite and demure, Eilidh whitefordWhiteford, whose exemplary grace and courage you will recall when threatened with a “doing” by Glasgow’s infamous Labour hoodlum, offers this clinical dissection:


Eilidh Whiteford, the SNP’s work and pensions spokesperson, claimed that Brown was scaremongering.

“Gordon Brown is simply repeating the same economically illiterate claims the Tories and Lib Dems made over a year ago,” she said.

“On this backwards logic, the UK pensions bill is 25 times the value of its oil and gas – making it impossible for the UK to afford to pay for pensions.”

“The only new thing in this contribution is that Gordon Brown has finally ended the charade and joined his Labour colleagues in the Tory no campaign.

“Far from relaunching as a positive campaign, this contribution is negative, repetitive and lacks any credibility.”