“This is the most successful union ever …” yada, yada


by Christian Wright

The New Statesman have amended the Darling interview once again in an attempt to airbrush his equation of the SNP to the Nazi Party.

In the transcript, Darling comes across as a whinging, resentful, mendacious hypocrite. Nothing new there then.

I’m surprised though, by the britnat jingoism and intolerance of the otherwise middle-of-the-road journalist who conducted the interview, Jason Cowley.cowley

At one point he waxes morbidly lyrical in quoting Simon Schama contemplating the dissolution of this union: “… a moment of incredulous sorrow at the loss of our common home, a catastrophe that somehow came about in our political sleep”. FFS.

There’s the sleep-walking-separation canard, complemented by his parroting of the threadbare characterisation of the UK as “… the most successful multinational partnership in modern history.

Ah, ‘This is the most successful union ever’ – a line normally delivered as some Unionist pol opens another foodbank.

Why have an original thought when you can just cut’n’paste these hackneyed memes of NO?

 The most successful partnership . . . thingy? Are you sure? Tell that to the children of Glasgow, where there are areas of poverty so severe and so long ingrained, that they are born with an epigenetic predisposition to ill health and early death.

In the face of that reality, Cowley’s braying British Nationalism is obscene. When a’ wur a lad, growing up in Glasgow in the Fifties, it boasted the lowest life expectancy of any city in Western Europe.

Today, well over half a century later, in some part of it, the life expectancy for men is lower than that in Baghdad. Do we really need finger wagging homilies from Mr Cowley on the the break up of this moribund union that ill serves so many of its citizens?

Deliberately mischaracterising  a Scotsman article, Cowley opines: As [Joyce] McMillan sees it, Scotland has for too long been oppressed by the English, exploited, condescended to, abused, neglected. Hers is the characteristic voice of liberal disaffection in Scotland, and one hears it everywhere(the emphasis is mine)

So now we get to the nub of it – ‘the Scots are anti-English racists‘.

He continues: “A subtext to her influential Scotsman columns is a sense of assumed moral superiority: the Scots are an instinctively fairer people than the English, more socially democratic, more committed to equity. They have everything to gain by cutting the ropes that bind them to the nefarious English beast.” Joyce McMillan is (politically) influential? She’s a theatre critic, FFS.

This is yet a third meme the britnats have being trying to peddle – the Scots think they’re better than us English

Then he contrasts this Scottish racism with Schama again: Yet compare McMillan, the voice of educated Scottish resentment, with the civic nationalism of Simon Schama, who writes rapturously of a multinational British state …  whose glory over the centuries [is that it] has been … made up of many peoples … all jumbled together within the expansive, inclusive British home.” FFS.

So, the narrative is complete – there are the chippy racist Scots and the sweet egalitarian, multicultural, inclusive, wonderful British. Soil and blood and all that is OK, so long as it’s British.

Scots aren’t British? Not according to Cowley. Certainly not those who believe they should be masters in their own house.

Sometimes the eye sees not itself but by reflection, and it’s hard to escape the conclusion that his charges of Scottish racism are simply a projection of his own barely concealed bigotry.

It occurs to me that Darling and Cowley should spend more time together, for they are certainly deserving, one of the other.

I mean, FFS.

Gordon Brown and the order Rodentia

No saltires please, we’re North British

gorden brown redentia

The cricket-loving former prime minister, who self-identifies as a “North Briton”, says he is embarrassed by display of the national flag of Scotland . . . He’s OK with this, though –

murray union flag


In some quarters Mr Brown’s behaviour in an interview given to SKYNEWS is being characterised as “rodent-like”.

We ourselves believe this is both unfair and inaccurate, for there are some things you just can’t get a rat to do.



Just for the Record


Especially lately, we ourselves have come across myriad examples where britnat empty suits of Her Majesty’s Press and Broadcast Media have with a sneer, implied or directly asserted that alecsammin has pinched Obama’s campaign slogan.

The tacit message seems to be that this speaks to the untrustworthy nature yes we canof the First Minster’s character.

Of course the SNP have used this slogan for at least the past 18 years, during much of which the 44th President of the United States was still an unknown lecturer at Harvard.

Now, I doubt there is much in the way of mendacity driving this apparent calumny, rather it is likely down to indolence, incompetence, and the inability of most British journalists to fire enough neurons in sequence to form a coherent thought.

But the next time you read this jibe, stick this front page in their . . . inbox.



Populus survey YES at 46% British Press Response: “Oh look, a squirrel !”

by Christian Wright

The Financial Times and the rest of the press have suppressed the huge news story that despite all the Unionist push-polls, all the expert talk of YES stalling and losing ground, 46% of the Scottish electorate will now vote for independence (excluding undecided who in this plebiscite are expected to break disproportionately for indy).



sunday post suppress

independent suppress pollThis is more than burying the story, it is Pravdaesque. No, I take that back – even the Soviets would have been too embarrassed to perpetrate this crude political fraud.

They have buried the lede under piles of data on English attitudes. You can bet had theYES/NO polling data trend favoured the Unionist cause, the story would have been splashed across the front pages of Her Majesty’s press.

Oh, and the BBC? Well, they have completely suppressed it. They will argue policy prohibits coverage in an election campaign.

Excluding undecided, YES vote is 46%, just 4 points + one single solitary vote away from victory and the re-establishment of Scottish independence.

‘Course, you’d never know that from this three-card-trick of an article and its accompanying smoke and mirrors.

With respect to salient question of whether the United Kingdom of Great Britain will be dissolved and finally consigned to the dustbin of history, the ONLY number that matters is the one given above.

The people of Scotland will decide whether or not they will continue in this binary Union with England. All the rest is obfuscation. That’s the cold reality that Westminster, the Fourth Estate, and the angry and contemptuous britnat fringe, are going to have to learn to live with.

In its censoring of the voice of the Scottish electorate on the ONLY question on the ballot, the establishment press has disgraced itself.


Results with undecideds included

YES 40%
NO 47%
UN 13%



Seems President Obama thinks it was just a splendid idea for this little country to leave the protective embrace of Westminster

This little country, that inspires the biggest things — your best days are still ahead. Our greatest triumphs — in America and Ireland alike — are still to come.

“And, Ireland, if anyone ever says otherwise, if anybody ever tells you that your problems are too big, or your challenges are too great, that we can’t do something, that we shouldn’t even try — think about all that we’ve done together.

“Remember that whatever hardships the winter may bring, springtime is always just around the corner. And if they keep on arguing with you, just respond with a simple creed: Is feidir linn. Yes, we can. Yes, we can. Is feidir linn,” he said.