Oh dear, oh dear, it’s all gone pear-shaped for NO

ft pear shaped

Yesterday’s New-Powers pledge signing “photo-op” was a disaster. One thing to raise the idea and have it rejected to howls of laughter in a strategy meeting, and quite another be so cosmically dumb as to action it. pledge

The stunt is readily associated with Clegg’s university fees pledge that he and others of his ilk signed in blood. The other principals in this portrait are deemed culpable by association. The utter idiocy of it well serves the interests of YES.

This instance is a measure of the incompetence of the Unionist campaign from top to bottom. It evinces a cohort with the cognitive reach of a pubescent kinkajou and the political acumen of a cold mince pie.

The less charitable might argue that the UK Government are simply being consistent, demonstrating the same unfailing fecklessness and incomprehension that characterises their other doings.

Of course, just about the entire establishment exhibited the same hubris, condescension, and imperiousness, in their efforts to put the troublesome jocks back in their box.  Indeed, it is without doubt the case that the serried ranks of the Fourth Estate were (and remain) clueless with respect to matters constitutional and Scottish.

Consider that the entire resources of the British state have been leveraged to defeat the independence movement. Even with all that power, all that control of the press and broadcasting, this bunch of dufuses couldn’t find their own assets if you gave them a torch and a map.

Crucially, they could not even articulate a substantive positive case for Scotland maintaining its union with England. We are indeed well served by the enemies Providence has provided us.

As a Scot, I would invite Unionists to meditate on this thought: You’ve fear bombed us, bullied us, belittled us, lied to us, defamed us worldwide, but it is WE who have all power on Sept 18



Learn the lessons of Quebec


Alain Gagnon, of the University of Quebec in Montreal, has stated: “People need to be aware, if you go for a referendum, if you lose it you will have to pay a price. You can’t lose the referendum and not lose something else”.quebec

The Sunday Herald reports Bernard Drainville of Parti Quebecois as saying:” … I am convinced that the strength of the Scottish indy movement is the key determinant of Scotland’s bargaining power with London.

The fact that there is a strong indy movement gives you the strength to protect your interests, to get the better deal from London … So my advice to Scots would be: don’t miss your chance.

The big advantage that Scotland has is its natural resources, its oil, its financial sector. You can manage, you can do it.”

Telling it like it is

Independence referendum: Peter MacLeod tells it like it is (Canberra Times)

“Imagine a world in which Australia wasn’t an independent country. Your daily news comes from England, but the London news desk graciously gives you 20 minutes at the end of the bulletin to update you on Australian news …”

Scotland be brave

“Tax revenue from Australian companies is sent to London and then your government is given some money back to spend on local initiatives. While Britain doesn’t have any natural resources, its media – which dominates Australia – tells you that you are “subsidy junkies” for receiving higher spending levels. Any attempt on your part to argue that your country should be independent leads to Crocodile Dundee references, suggestions that you hate British people and a reply that despite Australia’s resources, educated workforce and strong exports, your country could never survive on its own. . . “

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Salmond = Independence Conflation of the two is of course a centrepiece of the Unionist media disinformation narrative.


All right – Here it is again – Conflation Sums: SNP . Salmond != independence

The conflation of the two is of course a centrepiece of the Unionist media disinformation narrative.

It goes hand-in-glove with their attempt to inculcate the risible notion that the referendum is a vanity project of Alex Salmond that no Scots, save a few malcontents, ever wanted.

Paul Kavanagh at weegingerdug put it beautifully when he offered that the question the Unionists want voters to read is: “Should Scotland be an alecsammin country?”

Indeed, in below-the-line post after post, and in article after article and broadcast after broadcast, we find this idiocy being parroted.

The SNP will one day fragment, probably sooner than later, when the glue that binds it’s disparate factions (achieving an independent Scotland) is dissolved.

There is a very real sense in which the policies put forward by the present Scottish Government for a post independence Scotland are irrelevant to the question of independence itself.

In 2016 after Scotland becomes independent, there will be a general election to choose an new government. At that time the People will get the last word on who will rule Scotland.

It may be the SNP if it holds together, or some other party or coalition of parties. The social, economic, and political, direction of iScotland will be determined by that government and subsequent governments carrying out their mandate granted to them by the People.

First Ministers come and go, and “Alex Salmon is mortal”, as Jim Sillars puts it, “but Scotland is immortal”.

Neither the SNP nor Alex Salmond are on the ballot. We need encourage the vital cohort of low information and unengaged voters who will decide this contest, to consider that this is at bottom a simple choice:

Whether to be masters in our own house or lodgers in someone else’s.