“Bring down Labour if you dare, Murphy warns SNP”

“Conservatives slam Salmond’s ‘sinister’ threat to install Miliband in Downing Street”

All this nonsense from Labour and the Tories. Try this gedankenexperiment (thought experiment)

First consider the Tories. Does anyone believe that if the SNP had left the door open for an SNP/Con deal, Cameron wouldn’t at this very moment, be all over Salmond and Sturgeon like a cheap suit? Anyone? Well of course not. it’s ridiculous. Of course he would be.

Alright – so Labour, as the second largest party, in concert with the SNP has just won a vote of no confidence against a nascent minority Tory government.

Miliband ponders his options –

1. Refuse to accept the chance to form a government and become PM, on the principle that Labour are not the largest party (their unremitting matra has been that the largest party always forms the government).

Now, what are the odds that Miliband will opt for that? That’s right – zero. All your political career you’ve worked to get to this moment, stabbed your own brother in the back, walked all over friends and enemies alike, to pass up the chance because of some manufactured trope you thought might fool low information voters? ‘Course not!

So all the talk from Labour about the principle that largest party always forming government is in a word – bull.

2. Refuse to make any deal with the SNP on the grounds that they want to “break-up Britain”. Dare the SNP to vote down a minority Labour government (this is the “go on punk, make my day” strategy, the one they’re tentatively touting right now).

The unassailable counter to that provocation is detailed here

No, the only way Miliband can fulfil what he believes to be is his manifest destiny to become British Prime Minister in a stable administration is to enter into an agreement with the SNP – in a formal coalition (unlikely), or in a confidence and supply pact (less unlikely) or on an ad hoc bill by bill, case by case basis, (currently least unlikely).

There are no set of circumstances under which Miliband and the party he leads are going to say no to a chance at getting their grubby hands on the levers of power, nor of keeping the Tories equally grubby hands off the levers of power.

If the SNP hold the balance of power, whether labour are the largest party or the second largest party, there WILL be a deal.

That’s the realpolitik.

Carmichael enables abolition of Scottish Parliament

Carmichael pictured indicating the extent of regard he has for our devolved government and the degree to which, with every fibre of his being, he is resolved to defend it.
“A LEGAL safeguard protecting the Scottish Parliament from being dissolved has been rejected by the UK Government.
Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael rejected the proposal which would prevent any future UK Government from dissolving Holyrood.

Guardian “disappears” complaints that it enables racism


The Guardian, rather than being a bulwark against racial bigotry, had become an enabler of it.

New hire, Kelvin MacKenzie, in today’s edition, focused on ethnic bigotry: “In recent years, I’ve become aware of how language demeans settled minorities…”

Had to rub my eyes reading this. Here MacKenzie raises hypocrisy and chutzpah to the level of a clinical disorder. Less than 10 days ago this same man was wallowing in anti-Scot bigotry in the very same newspaper .

Kelvin MacKenzie article in the Guardian (this one) on the 15th March, refers to Scotland as “Jockestan” and, “taxpayers of Jockestan (Scotland)”, and “Our chums in Jockestan are subsidised ”

We ourselves wrote a below the line comment in the March 15 Guardian pointing out (best we remember it) that this in the context of the article was racially offensive, and that by definition, MacKenzie, despite his Scots sounding name, was a racist.

Instead of being shunned by “polite society” and the Fourth Estate, he was being feted by them. Such abuse of Scots was now an everyday transaction among the chattering and political classes. That rather than condemn this hate speech, the Guardian was happy to amplify it and promote it in that article.

Their response was to erase the post.

Now today March 24 below the line of MacKenzie’s latest article, the Guardian censors have been in a panic deleting comment after comment from readers pointing out MacKenzie’s hypocrisy and the Guardian’s role as enabler of racist speech and ethnic bigotry.

Indeed, there were so many posts deleted, that after a while, the string of customary notices (1) noting the deletions clearly became an embarrassment, and were themselves deleted to destroy all evidence.

We posted the following comment, only to have evidence of its existence completely erased, too – not even a notice to mark its passing.

“How very sad. The Guardian once a bulwark against racial bigotry has become an enabler of it. Now busy “disappearing” comment after comment exposing it.”

1 Guardian standard removal notice. This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs.

Labour face an extinction-level event on May 7


by Christian Wright

Nottingham University’s Mark Stuart in an article on ballots and bulletsnottspolitics : “Let’s assume David Cameron… look[s] likely to win a small majority in England. Such is the anti-Conservative sentiment in Scotland, the more likely it appears Cameron will win in England, the greater likelihood of the Scots switching from SNP back to Labour as polling day nears.”

That’s what Labour hopes will happen, hence the completely disingenuous “largest party forms the government” trope (rather than the party/parties that can construct a parliamentary majority).

However, that conventional wisdom is not backed by the polling data that indicate voters see the SNP as a bulwark against Labour neo-liberal policies once in government.

Since the SNP will only back a Labour government and will have no truck with the Tories, a vote for the SNP is a vote for a Labour government that will deliver authentic old-Labour policies. No seat won from Labour by the SNP will help Cameron in any way.

The central question in the minds of constituents dominating this election is: “Which candidate do I trust to put Scotland’s interests first before party and before personal enrichment?”

A large percentage of traditional Labour voters who have made the leap to SNP have done so because they see Labour as populated by Tory-lite self-serving careerists masquerading as socialists. Labour in Scotland are not called the Red Tories for nothing.

The London-commentariat consensus that Jim Murphy was the man to lead Labour back to pre-eminence in Scotland, evinced a cartoon understanding of the Scottish political dynamic. The installation of a Blairite New Labour, pro-privatisation, pro-Iraq war, establishment place man, signalled loud and clear to Scots, Labour’s inability to reform itself, or even to understand the nature of its own morbidity.

Both Labour and the LibDems are facing an extinction-level event at this General Election for a reason. During the referendum they fear bombed us, bullied us, belittled us, lied to us, defamed us worldwide. They sowed the wind, and on May 7 2015, they will reap the whirlwind.

Scotland’s manifest destiny?

by Christian Wright

Of the latest DNA research from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, in Oxford

Simon Jenkins concludes: “For the English to understand the origins of those with whom they share the British Isles is not an antiquarian foible. It is a constitutional necessity.”

Indeed so. I can’t shake the feeling that we are where we are for a reason.

Isn’t there clear evidence of the guiding hand of Providence at work here? Can it be any mere accident of geography that our island is as a reclining man, with Scotland where the head and brains would be, and London and the South East, the rump where one would do one’s business?

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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