by Christian Wright

An abused lord and landowner offers a tear-jerking narrative in the Spectator. The poor bugger has his back to the wall with this SNP-controlled, one-party state of Jockestan.


…[My] grandparents … born in America bought our lodge from the Campbells of Jura … They spent summers on Jura, and occasionally visited in winter. So… now [do] my family…

My childhood was spent… playing cricket on the beach, pulling lobster pots, catching LORD ASTORmackerel, worming for brown trout and catching the odd sea trout with a fly rod in the small spate river. Although my sisters and I occasionally looked with envy to our school friends who went off for exotic holidays on hot beaches, we would never have swapped our Scottish summer holidays.

Following the SNP victory, however,  we worry that we will find ourselves regarded as foreigners… in our own country… Are we estate owners now to be nationalised or made to feel so unwelcome that we have to sell up in a Mugabe-style land grab?

Is it because we don’t sound Scottish? We should not all have to sound like Rob Roy. If the SNP wants us all to speak with a certain type of Scottish accent, what does that say to the … immigrant community [that] still speak with the accent of their birth? Are they not Scottish?

We worry that the SNP have concentrated power in the few. They brook no dissent… one has to admire the way [Jim Murphy] stood up… against the barracking organised by SNP supporters…

The SNP won nearly all the Westminster seats in Scotland with 50 per cent of the vote… But let them not forget the other 50 per cent who did not vote for them, whose voice still matters.


So, as a kid, the poor bastard was deprived of holidays abroad because of his love of Scotland, and now he worries he’s going to be kicked out of the country, his property confiscated, or that he’ll be forced to sell-up for 10p in the pound. It’s like fucking Zimbabwe!

The SNP hate him and his children for their accent and would compel them to change it, the racist bastards!

They deployed their Brown Shirts against the heroic Jim Murphy, didn’t they? Nazis!!!

Now, though nowhere in the article does he mention it, William Waldorf Astor III, 4th Viscount Astor’s, actual beef is that forthcoming land reform legislation requires surviving siblings be given equal equity in the inherited property, rather than it being claimed in its entirety by the eldest son. Oh, and that modest “lodge” he talked about? . . . It comes with a 500 acre estate attached.

Now, is that a land grab by the Scottish Government? The government will take no land. The new law will insist that the land property, the estate, be fairly shared between the off-spring of the deceased owner, REGARDLESS OF THEIR GENDER OR BIRTH ORDER. What exactly is William Waldorf Astor III’s problem with that? This is 2015, not 1815.

Well of course, he knows he can’t make any reasonable case for harassment and abuse based on the facts, so he concocts this tale of class warfare, state bullying, and ethnic bigotry.

Mugabe-style land grab? Really? Where?

I will say that the 4th Viscount Astor demonstrates remarkable chutzpah in this brazen attempt to mislead. If you could melt that enormously wealthy, bullshitting Hooray Henry down, there would be naught but twelve stone of brass neck and a few trace elements of expensive vintage wine. Neither evidence of residual ethic nor any stain of moral principle would be found.

“But let them not forget the other 50 per cent who did not vote for them, whose voice still matters.”

Looks like Lord Astor wants the reader to believe that the other 50% of the electorate support his continued unjust and soon to be outlawed feudal practices. They don’t.

Willie’s voice will be given the weight it deserves along with the rest of the 1% who between them lord it over half of Scotland.

[Lord Astor’s stepdaughter from his wife’s first marriage, Samantha, is married to Prime Minister David Cameron]


Letter from the Prime Minister


downing st letter head


From  Rt Hon David Cameron

Exercising some of the sharpest minds in Government, Whitehall, and Westminster, is the knotty problem of how best to contain this rampant Scottish Nationalist insurgency . I can tell you now that there is at last, a consensus emerging on a comprehensive Final Solution to the Scottish question.

It is always instructive to look at the world from the other chap’s point of view. Now I know this facility is not immediately apparent in the character of the hotheaded jocks (who are of course possessed of many other wonderful talents). Through no fault of their own, they are burdened by an incapacity for self-governance beyond the regional level. According to one of their own erstwhile leaders, the indigenous Scot is “not genetically programmed” to understand politics.

On the issue of the need to isolate the separatists to protect the Union, let me see if I can put this in context for you, and introduce you to EVIL-Max, an exciting new paradigm tailored to answer in full, the West Lothian question. Consider that there is no malevolence here, everyone is committed to doing what is right for Britain, AND indeed for Scotland (or as Kelvin MacKenzie light-heartedly labels it, Jockestan) .

We are all on the same team, blessed by providence to occupy “this precious stone set in the silver sea“, as our country’s national bard, Mr Shakespeare, so eloquently put it. But I digress . . .

On this whole EVIL-Max thing (I won’t confuse you with the details), all we are saying is that we are to be separate but equal. This is a political compromise with a storied international reputation. One can find precedent for this legal principle enshrined in US Constitutional Law and later endorsed by the Supreme Court of the United States in that celebrated decision, Plessy v. Ferguson.

We are fortunate to have the textbook examples of its actual implementation in two advanced societies whose jurisprudences have much in common with our own. I speak of course of our cousins in the aforementioned United States and in South Africa.

For the first 65 years of the 20th Century this grand experiment bestowed upon America unparalleled economic growth and a disciplined, respectful, society wherein everyone knew their place. As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, I only want what is best for ALL of us, including the indigenous peoples of the North.

If we examine South African society between 1948, when the legal structure of apartheid was introduced, until some time before the evil of insurgent nationalism in the form of the ANC completed its destruction in 1994, we find a golden era of South African prosperity and order, that advantaged all of its peoples.

So successful and attractive a society was constructed, that countless Britons, and indeed many jocks, emigrated there. All we want to do is establish a similar apartheid in this family of nations that comprise the UK, one that will ensure the peace and prosperity of all.

Now, the jocks need not worry. Although they will no longer be allowed to participate in framing the bulk of British legislation (or indeed, any), they will have their own native assembly, where they can hear grievances and pass local laws affecting their indigenous population.

The current fractious arrangement at Holyrood will be ended (I’m sure to the relief of everyone) to be replaced by a body composed of what in South Africa were called “tribal elders”. These greybeards will appoint a chief who will be answerable to their assembly. The British Secretary of State for Autonomous Regions, Lord Dunlop, will have to approve the selection, of course.

The existence of a “Scotland”, never more than a romantic fiction I think we’re all agreed, will cease to be recognised, to be replaced by the Northern Autonomous Region for Indigenous Tribes (clans).

A system of pass books will be established so that migrant workers from the region can travel to Britain to take up employment. However, permanent residence in Britain will not be granted.

We will be the envy of the world. A three centuries old family of nations, separate but equal, whose status is guaranteed by carefully crafted apartheid legislation. Now you can’t say fairer than that.


At Secretary of State Penfold’s request I have decided that you will be allowed to have a casino. I thought I’d relay that wonderful news to you, personally.

cameron signature





Tories readying a coup d’etat – claim largest party forms govt. Murphy agrees

by Christian Wright

times coup

The Tories are attempting to set-up a coup d’etat asserting they will have won the election if the are the party with the most seats but are short of a parliamentary majority.

This of course is nonsense. The only operational metric in deciding who forms a government is what constitutes a majority, the number equaling 50% of the seats in parliament plus one (excluding the Speaker’s seat, the Speaker’s aides seats, and 5 Sinn Fein seats).

The Times has a story running that is meant to back the Tory argument. It contains quotes from unnamed senior Labour politicians, and looks for all the world to be a fiction confected to bolster the Tory trope.

However of far greater value to the Tories are the statements from Labour who for the past six months have been bludgeoning the Scottish electorate with the lie that the party with the largest number of seats in a hung parliament forms the government.

McDougall largest party

We ourselves see no obvious way Labour can moonwalk away from this. Serial offender in chief hawking this fallacy has been London Labour’s placeman in Scotland, Jim Murphy. Have a look at this interview Jim gave to Brillo recently, in which Jim repeats, and repeats, and repeats, the lie ad nauseam.




by Christian Wright

bemused miliband

It may be that the imperative driving Ed’s statements ruling out any deal of any sort with the SNP last night, had a lot more to do with the returns from internal polls and focus groups in the English marginals, showing fear of the SNP was likely to cost him the election.

UPDATE – New information in today via the editor of Labour Uncut, Atul Hatwal, that in fact the panic may have originated with an illegal count of postal ballots in the english marginals that indicated impending defeat – (Wings has a related article here )

Atul Hatwal: Uncut has learned the real reason for Ed Miliband’s sudden night-time visit to Russell Brand’s Shoreditch home: panic caused by the early tallies of postal ballots being fed back to party HQ, from marginals around the country.

Although the parties are legally not allowed to tally votes at these events, they all do and the constituency teams then dutifully pass their field intelligence back to HQ.

These are not opinion polls results or canvass returns but actual votes, hundreds of thousands of votes, from across Britain. Numbers have been flowing from each marginal to party strategists to give the most accurate picture of the current state of play…

Labour insiders familiar with the latest figures have told Uncut that the picture for Labour in marginal seats, where it is fighting the Tories, is almost uniformly grim…

The tartan scare is working with the fear of McLabour shifting large numbers of wavering Lib Dems and Ukippers into the Tory column.

That would make sense. Dispositive evidence of impending defeat requiring drastic action from Miliband.

Miliband would have to try to soothe the concerns of that electorate at all costs, then deal with any damage done by later reneging on his commitment to eschew the SNP. It looks for all the world like an exercise in back-to-the-wall crisis management.

‘Course we could be entirely wrong about that, and it may be that he really does mean it. But to believe that would mean believing Ed tells the truth, and to be fair, there is little evidence to accuse him of that.

Still, we did channel truthful Ed and had him provide a summary of his plans for Scotland

We just find it unimaginable that a career pol like Miliband would refuse to grasp the golden chalice if it came within reach, under any conceivable circumstance.

A case by case, vote by vote, arrangement with the SNP could offer plausible deniability of any agreement in the eyes of the gullible, but it’s doubtful Labour thought that far when confronted with an existential threat.

The issue would be to stem the hemorrhaging of support in the marginals. Period.He had to do what he had to do. The damage done to his and Labour’s relationship with the Scottish electorate may be irreparable but that was unavoidable collateral damage.

Certainly it will be irreparable if he actually is true to his word and imposes an apartheid on Britain’s largest ethnic minority, by barring their duly elected representatives, the embodiment of their express will, from participation in the legislative process.

He surely can’t be that cosmically dumb.