The Carmichael Trial: A case better lost

by Christian Wright

The crowd-funded civil case against Carmichael is to be heard in the Court of Session. Carmichael’s defence is that though he may have lied to his constituents, that betrayal of the public trust has no substantive effect in law, as he neither defamed nor sought to defame any parliamentary candidate:

No statements were made regarding the personal character or conduct of a candidate in the Parliamentary election

While this affair is as a suppurating boil on the arse of the Scottish body politic, from an indy/SNP perspective the best out come would surely be for Carmichael to remain in office.

His presence would be a continuing source of irritation and grievance among the electorate, and would I think, boost the chances of bringing into bad odour, Tavish Scott and the other remaining Holyrood LibDem Carmichaelian apologists.

The stench of Carmichael’s and his party’s festering┬áreputation and that of the Palace of Westminster to which they swear unconditional fealty, will, molecule by molecule, year on year, get up the nose of every swithering Scot.