Herald’s Paul Hutcheon gives hackery a bad name


by Christian Wrightherald hutcheon

Appalling piece of yellow journalism by Paul Hutcheon in today’s Herald. An entirely unsourced narrative claiming SNP candidate selection discrimination, cronyism and backstabbing, against Vincent Waters, the former agent of East Renfrewshire SNP MP, Kirsten Oswald .

The subject of the article, Mr Waters (who was an applicant for selection as an SNP candidate in the forthcoming Holyrood elections), was never interviewed.

There is not a single source cited. The headline (see photo) is misleading hyperbole. The man was a constituency agent and every candidate thanks their agent and their team in their acceptance speech. There is no evidence he was a “mastermind” yet the description appears in the article as well as in the headline.

The ousting of Jim Murphy was anything but “a shock” by polling day, it was expected. His loss was par for the course on the day. In Hutcheon’s article, Oswald is quoted saying:”… [she had an] exceptional team working incredibly hard on my campaign”, adding: “Their support has been immense“.

Nowhere does she call her agent a mastermind or the mastermind. In fact, on the evidence presented, it’s noticeable she doesn’t seem to mention him by name at all.

If no one did use the term why is it used in the headline and in the article? It seems to be there for one reason: to buttress the otherwise airless, confected narrative of  SNP  favouritism and backstabbing.


Why doesn’t Hutcheon include even a single verifiable source? Who is the complainant? No evidence it’s the agent apparently, since Paul did not even speak to him.

Ms. Oswald’s agent in the Westminster parliamentary elections failed to make the cut for selection as an SNP candidate for the 2016 Holyrood elections. That is the only substantive verifiable fact given in the entire article.

There is absolutely nothing that would separate this article by Hutcheon from a piece of fiction.

Nothing new there, then.




by Christian Wright

The magazine,’Tatler’, is targeted towards the British upper-middle class and members of the aristocratic upper class (wiki). Rather good article therein on the issue of impending land reform in Scotland.


“To outsiders, Scotland has always seemed a romantic place. The castles! The reeling! The men in skirts! But… these days Scotland is not only teeming with tufty dukes and earls, but also with smooth Danish fashion tycoons, Tetra Pak heirs, British royals, Egyptian billionaires, French bankers… Half the private land is owned by just 432 people, with 50,000-acre estates rubbing up alongside one another.”

“Those who are most fearful.. are the nobility. Let’s call it Old Scotland… If you’re Old Scotland, then you probably live in a castle… You own 40,000 to 140,000 acres, you probably have a mountain (instead of 4,000 acres of bland home county). You have your own tartan. You are a member of a clan…You also possess somewhat confusingly, an English accent too, because you went to public school.”

“New Scotland is largely made up of foreign money. For several decades, Scottish estates have been slowly bought up by cash from abroad. ‘Although only five or six estates a year come on to the market,’ says Evelyn Channing from Savills’ Edinburgh office. ‘They come for the sport, for the fishing, the shooting, the stalking. And for the privacy. If you own 50,000 acres of land it’s quite hard to be photographed on it.’

Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai has a 62,000-acre estate in West Scotland, just off the tip of Skye. Scotland’s richest man is another Emirati gentleman, Mahdi al-Tajir, who owns the Highland Spring mineral-water company and 15,000 acres just outside Gleneagles. And Mohamed Al Fayed can occasionally be found at his pink castle, Balnagown, 30 miles north of Inverness.”


Dear Tatler,

Of course none of these elites have anything much to do with authentic Scotland or its people. The so-called Old Scotland is just an earlier caste of parasites, being gradually pushed out by new money.

They all have to go, the estates broken-up and the land made accessible to the People and to entrepreneurs and business, who will use it more productively.

The current state of play really is inequitable and an insult to the democratic process. These folks will have to find another country in which to play laird and lord of the manor.

Indyref is over of course, yet remarkably, the demand for 
Scottish self governance has grown dramatically since September 18 2014, to the extent that the SNP swept all before it in the Westminster elections.

The formerly dominant Labour Party and the LibDems experienced extinction-level event on May 7 2015 (Of course in Westminster parliamentary terms, the hated Tories are long buried and turned to stone. The Tories received the lowest proportion of the Scottish vote in their entire history ).

The indyref and the disgraceful behaviour of the Unionist parties, politicians, the state broadcaster (the BBC), and Her Majesty’s press, during that campaign, has radicalised Scots and revolutionised Scottish politics. It is only now dawning on the Establishment the scale and permanence of this sea change.

As it relates to your readership’s interests, the resultant determination to take back our country does not bode well for the cohorts profiled in this article. There will be no confiscation of property, but 400-odd individuals owning half the entire country, while the other 5.3 million are squeezed to the coasts and penned in the Central Belt, is simply not sustainable.

Oh and incidentally, what you quaintly call “New Scotland”? . . . well it has the same problem of illegitimacy as “Old Scotland”, and it has nothing to do with ancient history, and everything to do with building a more equal and just society.

I do understand that you reactionaries among the current stakeholders of these properties don’t like that, but what the people of Scotland are signalling by their support of this radical change, is that they don’t care that you don’t like it.

Find somewhere else to build your exclusive theme parks, we’ve had it with you.


by Christian Wright


EVEL as proposed is an apartheid. It segregates and disenfranchises the Scottish electorate. It does indeed create two classes of citizens (for Scotland’s MPs are literally the living embodiment of the express will of the Scottish people).
There will be the fully enfranchised people of England whose representitives are able to play a full part in ALL legislation brought before the UK legislature (consider the “full part” played by English MPs in voting down FFA, a policy supported by a majority of the Scottish electorate).
Then there will be the untermenschen, the Scots, whose ability to exercise their democratic franchise will be strictly limited. Their representatives will be excluded from full participation in shaping legislation in the UK Parliament, not because they are SNP but because they represent Scotland and carry the mandate of the Scottish people.
EVAL implemented within the context of the Union’s parliament, presents an existential threat to the Union itself. A decoupling that creates an apartheid, separate and unequal, and renders Westminster’s theatre naught but satire (consider this Letter from the Prime Minister)


Paul Nuttall’s exploding head


by Christian Wrightpaul nuttalls head
paul nuttall head explodesCourtesy of the Huffington Post I see UKIP obersturmbannführer Paul Nuttall is continuing his overtly racist jihad against Scots whom he clearly regards as untermenschen.

But if we allow this to go unchecked, if we allow the Scottish MPs to be the decision makers on this issue [fox hunting ban repeal], what happens when they take a stance you disagree with? What happens if they disagree with you on Trident, on immigration, on our membership of the EU?”

Yes Paul, SNP’s 56 MP’s can override the wishes of the remaining 591 MPs. That worked well with the SNP’s amendments to the Scotland Bill, every one of which was voted down by a cohort of English MPs many times their number.

Apparently Scotland should have no say on Trident, an instrument of universal death, located some twenty-odd miles from our largest city. Nor should we have a voice on issues of UK immigration, nor on our membership of the EU. Nuttall views Scots as vassals in a vassal state that comprises the hinterland of England’s inner empire.

Paul, Paul! Really, old fruit, you need to relax before your head explodes. Crack open a cold one, fire-up the karaoke, and belt-out a couple of verses of the Horst Wessel Lied – you’ll feel so much better.