Alex Massie Uncle Tom’s It

By Christian Wright

The Spectator’s faithful retainer and “proud Scot” sets about to do some GBH to the First Minister in his latest propaganda columnmassie uncle toms it

“Look: Alex Salmond’s indulgent appraisal of Vladimir Putin’s record was foolish and naive and all too revealing …  

“[But] you should always remember that the British government is always worse. Always. So Twittering Nats posted photos of David Cameron alongside Putin as G8 summits and the like and so on and expected us to believe this proved anything at all. A mass outbreak of Whataboutery …”

But this is the thing: foreign policy is hard. Especially when you are leader of a country expected to have a foreign policy. “

Ah, Massie at his duplicitous, condescending best, affecting sneering contempt for the naivety of the First Minister and his sin of articulating a mature, nuanced, and at the time, non controversial, realpolitik assessment of Putin in GQ magazine.massie bw

Alex, unless he’s dumber than rocks, well knows Salmond’s sketch was accurate. He is cynically parroting the Unionist party line because . . . well, because that’s what a loyal pet jock propagandist does.

Look again at this bit of flimflam and misdirection, perpetrated to dismiss with a wave of the hand the voluminous evidence of Alex and his masters hypocrisy over Salmond comments.

“So Twittering Nats posted photos of David Cameron alongside Putin as G8 summits and … expected us to believe this proved anything at all. “

No, that’s not what they did, Alex.Massie

What the “Twittering Nats” actually did, was to present dispositive evidence from UK diplomatic cables that Cameron had pressured a total of 34 foreign powers including Russia to publically demean Scots and their ability to govern themselves.

There was particular additional corroboration with respect to Russia and Putin from the Kremlin’s in-house mouthpiece-to-the-world, TASS. It revealed that Cameron had “pleaded” with Putin to knife Scotland.[2]

Massie, along with the rest of the Tory chattering class simply chose to suppress this scandal for it exposed their own hypocrisy and that of the Dear Leader, Cameron.

Massie then alleges Nationalist whataboutery. Either he doesn’t understand or pretends not to understand, that there is a qualitative difference between the considered words of the Scottish First Minister on the impact of a world leader, and the treachery of an opportunistic British Prime Minister, who was all over Putin like a cheap suit.

An unprincipled chancer, Cameron was looking for a favour from a foreign dictator to act against the interests of 5 million British citizens he is sworn and honour bound to protect and serve.

That is the difference and no amount of Tory snake oil slathered on the facts will change them.

They and Labour’s Luvvies (the Tories on the left hand side), conveniently also chose to wink out of existence George Robertson’s invitation to the Hammer of the Ukraine (Putin), to join NATO (no seriously, he did that).[3] [4]

I don’t blame you for being sceptical so I’ve included links to the whole original interview and George’s big wet one to Vlad. SMmooocH !

“We stand for values, stand for liberal values, and that has to include Russia, whether under the present or a future leadership, because the previous leadership, when Mr Putin was first president, believed in exactly that objective. And that’s what we’ve got to aim for.” George Robertson

This invitation issued as Putin goosestepped his way to anschluss with Crimea.

This isn’t sophisticated strategy in the Great Game, this is cosmic stupidity.

Have you ever known a bigger bunch of hypocrites? . . . Me neither.

The only factor keeping this corrupt Unionist dog and pony show from collapsing under the weight of its own blazing contradictions, are the serried ranks of the Fourth Estate which keep a North Korea like stranglehold on the truth, when it comes to matters constitutional and Scottish, and the person of the First Minister.

You know, at moments like this, the less charitable will often compare the irredeemably corrupt British chattering class to rodents. I will not follow them down that path.

The comparison is unfair and wholly inaccurate, for there are some things you just can’t get a rat to do.

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