An embarrassment of riches


Christian Wright says: “They’ve fear bombed us, bullied us, belittled us, lied to us, defamed us to the world, but it is we who have have all power 7:00am-10:00pm on Sept 18″

Unionist strategy these last 4 weeks? Hanging us over a cliff by the ankles threatening murder whilst cooing we’re their sweetiepie”


In the last couple of weeks, from the bigotry and intolerance displayed by Boris TIME TO GET MEDIEVALJohnson, through Tam Dalyell’s signaling of establishment thinking on the dismantling of the Scottish Parliament, to the attitudes survey of the English people, revealing a thirst for revenge, we have been blessed with an embarrassment of riches that cry out for exploitation.

Their intemperance has given us a large club with which to bludgeon the BT beast until it stops twitching. We must use it to full effect in ways that speak directly to the personal interests and concerns of voters.

A no vote means saying no to our NHS, no to elder care, no free prescriptions, no to free university education, no to bus passes for the over sixties.

A NO vote means saying yes to privatisation of our healthcare system, yes to swinging cuts to our budget, yes to a crippling of our economy, yes to higher unemployment and lower unemployment benefits, yes to crippling student debt, yes to the expropriation of our vast oil wealth to fund the continued improvement of London’s infrastructure, yes to another half century of Faslane and Coulport making Scotland’s Central Belt a first-strike nuclear target.

To vote NO is to risk Westminster-managed decline wherein the country we love is starved of resources and left to rot as the reviled low-opportunity celtic backwater of a Greater England.


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