BBC CBITellingly, the BBC still hasn’t resigned from the anti-independence campaign  propaganda mouthpiece institution, the CBI . . . birds of a feather.

Just today the CBI reversed itself and now says:

“We wiz only kiddin’, mister. Wu’r no pro-naw or nothin’. We urnae, honest!” I’ht wiz yon wee twit fae Twecher whit did it.

Answered the phone ben the room while a’ wiz in the cludgie, ‘n at, “Do you want to register with the Electoral Commission?”, said, “Aye, sure! Is thaur a prize?” A’m iz scunnered iz you! That’s whit happen’d. Amurnae lyin’!

The BBC has parroted innumerable dire warnings (fear bombs) from the CBI over the past three years since the SNP won an overall majority in Holyrood, and a referendum on independence became inevitable.

While it has been careful to present the CBI as an independent politically non-partisan representative of big business, not once has it declared its own close business relationship with the CBI.

It never revealed to its paying customers, the licence holders, that the BBC was itself joined at the hip to this political agent of the Unionist campaign.

With this omission the BBC committed a political fraud upon the Scottish electorate. It hid its involvement until it was outed in just the last few days. 

The BBC should disavow this sham outfit now! It has no credibility left and the BBC is on its way to joining it in that deficit.

It is unclear if the Corporation is still intending to suspend its membership (not cancel it or end it) on or after May 30, (which would give it another five weeks to try to fix outcome of the referendum using YOUR money). That is simply not good enough.

The BBC is bankrolled with taxpayers hard-earned cash (the “licence” is a tax by any other name), and it should not be using it to support a partisan agency in furtherance of its private political agenda. The Neither the BBC nor the CBI can unring that bell.

Make no mistake, in continuing to pay dues to and maintaining membership of the CBI, the BBC is endorsing it and bestowing upon it the imprimatur of authenticity and legitimacy.

That makes BBC itself an agent of that same partisan political campaign, in violation of every tenet, law, and ethic, to which it is required to adhere and obey.

Though it may officially withdraw its support for Better Together, the CBI continues to use its resources to lobby on behalf of the anti-independence campaign by seeding scare story after scare story in the media, and in particular, on the BBC.

There is consequently still a transfer of asset value going on, in the form of the distribution and dissemination of unpaid propaganda by the CBI to the NO campaign.

That operation costs money and who’s providing it? You are.

Money laundering definition: BBC gives taxpayer money to the CBI for uh, “membership fees”. CBI then gives that money to Better Together to pay for the NO campaign that the BBC is expressly prohibited from assisting by its charter and by law.

Alas it seems only perp-walking execs out of Pacific Quay in handcuffs will bring the BBC to Jesus over their referendum malpractice.

Let’s draw the BBC a diagram, shall we?

Taxpayer £ > BBC > CBI > Better Together Campaign = election fraud & criminal conspiracy > handcuffs > jail



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