Boris Johnson, born with a silver foot in his mouth, throws Better Together under the bus

Heir apparent to Cameron vetoes further devolution for Scotland


Christian Wright says:

And this from the man who would be King. Folks need take him seriously, for if they vote NO, one day soon he may be their overlord.

As far as the needs and aspirations of the Scottish people are concerned Boris is the next Thatcher in Waiting. That is not hyperbole but a reasoned assessment based on this man’s political philosophy, his bigotry and indifference,  his lack of understanding of the Scottish body politic, and his cosmic miscalculation of the Scottish political dynamic.

His exhibition of anti-Scottish bigotry is a measure of that shared by the rest of his cohort in Westminster and Whitehall. With these revelations he has become the YES campaign’s killer app.

All can be won if that is recognised and competently exploited. ThIs gift should be accepted gratefully and used mercilessly to pummel the BT beast until it stops twitching. This opportunity isn’t rare, it is sui generis. 

But what exactly does Boris Johnson give us? It is the DEMONSTRABLE certainty that while voting YES does risks failure, voting NO will guarantee failure. A Boris Johnson premiership would thrust Scotland into decline as a neglected low-opportunity backwater

Voting YES can now be presented to the risk-averse as the lesser of 2 evils. For that cohort not being swayed by the narrative of the positive-but-risky adventure of YES, the simple meme to inculcate is: YES risks failure but NO guarantees it 

Boris has clearly signaled that it is his intent and the intent of that cohort that supports him, to transfer Scotland’s wealth for use in regenerating England. It couldn’t be plainer.

He is intent upon suppressing Scottish aspirations for greater autonomy short of independence. Again, he speaks for a large section of the ruling elite who have till now hidden the full degree of their antipathy toward the ungrateful, whinging jocks.

boris bulingdon

Boris Johnson who has now formally declared his intention to see the leadership of the Conservative Party believes Scotland gets more than enough out of the UK and that there is no need for further tax-raising powers or any other power to be devolved.

Conversely, he favours English cities being granted their own tax-raising powers.

“Ever more things we are giving Scotland….for no reason we are promising the Scots more tax-raising powers.  Quite why, I don’t understand.  There’s no need to borisdo it.

“What has England ever got out of this devolution process?  If you want to have growth in the English cities then you should do what Manchester wants, what Liverpool, Leeds, all of us want — and that’s give us more tax-raising powers.”

He said: “Alex Salmond has been thrashed in these debates, but for no reason we are promising the Scots more tax raising powers. There’s no need.

Blair Jenkins, Yes Scotland’s chief executive, said: “With Boris Johnson being tipped for the Tory leadership, we’ve been given a sobering insight into the reality of what additional powers will be offered in the event of a No vote.

“It’s little wonder that Alistair Darling struggles to spell out what significant economic levers will be given under Westminster because we now know that there’s a growing group at Westminster waiting to turn the screw on Scotland on 19 September if they’re given the chance.

“It’s becoming clearer by the day that only a Yes vote offers a significant package of powers that we can use to grow the economy and create jobs. Westminster will never have Scotland’s best interests at heart and only independence allows Scotland’s future to be in Scotland’s hands.”

4 thoughts on “Boris Johnson, born with a silver foot in his mouth, throws Better Together under the bus

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  2. I don’t just want independence for Scotland.Scotland NEEDS independence those that cant see that,have kept on those rose tinted glasses.We still have people not registered to vote because they are afraid of the POLL TAX DEBT catching them,it suits Westminster to keep a lot of people in poverty,and it suits them to keep you away from your democratic write to vote.There are many homeless folk who “sofa surf” they are not registered to vote for one reason or another,again their democratic rights are being taken from them.Here at the shitty end of the stick life is about having a bit of hope,we can hope for an amnesty from the poll tax with a yes vote,maybe other ways to get those lost voters back in society with the hope of having the ability to make a contribution to society again.With the hope of a home and being able to walk without fear and sleep a contented sleep.

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  4. Be confident, be brave, just be Scottish, vote YES.
    If Westminster has it’s way it would be a generation or more before they would condescend to allow another referendum, and only then if they have stripped you bare of all your wealth and natural resources.
    All the Best,
    For a YES majority on referendum day

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