Cameron plants negative stories about indy in Spanish press

Shocking new revelations in the cablegate scandal

By Christian Wright

You remember the article from a week ago on UK diplomatic cables which revealed the UK Government was pressuring foreign powers to make negative statements about the Scottish Government’s policies on independence? [Update – And more information on Cameron being caught red handed conspiring with Putin the Invader to knife Scotland and fix referendum]

Well turns out that not content with pressuring nations to trash the Scottish Government and nobble indy, new information has come to light that the British Embassy in Madrid has been doing the same thing with the Spanish press.

The Spanish paper Tenerife News published a letter (see below) from our man in Madrid, pressuring the paper to publish a Home Office sourced brief about the “challenges” Scotland would face if it left the Union

The paper, printed in full the preface, from which it could be inferred that our embassy’s black-ops agents (well, what would you call them) were going  around Spain’s newspaper one by one, leaning on them to publish our Government’s brief on the risks of Scotland leaving the UK.

The preface to the brief offered that the paper,  “… explores the challenges which an independent Scottish could face in assuming control of its borders and considers the difficult choices that the people in Scotland would have to face on issues such as citizenship and nationality.”

It continued, “It will be a choice between the continuity and security of being part of the UK or the uncertainty and risk of leaving it.”

So clearly, even after being rumbled last week, Cameron and his Bullingdon wide boys, are still doing the dirty on a grand scale. We know now were all those uniformly negative analyses in the foreign press originate. They are lifted straight from anti-Scottish briefs like this.

Could this possibly be the very same avuncular, pasty-faced, Cameron who just last Friday told the world how much he loved and respected us, who only three short days ago told us the referendum was strictly a matter for the Scots to decide, who with gravitas and moment of purpose assured us there would be no interference from him?

Surely there must be some mistake? Couldn’t be! No siree, Bob, not our David. Uh-uh!

We ourselves doubt the man has any intimacy with the truth.. He’s all chutzpah and brass neck.

The full letter from our government is reproduced below for your perusal.

The question for the Scottish electorate remains: How do you trust a proven liar?

[Newly added – the Sunday Herald’s take – click here]

The letter below is from our man in Madrid, Simon Montague to spanish newspapers

Dear Editor

Given the likely interest among your British resident audiences – whether Scottish or otherwise – I am forwarding a press release issued by the Home Office today. You can find it at – it is also reproduced below. I hope you find it interesting.

The paper looks at the implications for borders and citizenship if people in Scotland were to vote for independence. It explores the challenges which an independent Scottish state could face in assuming control of its borders and considers the difficult choices that the people in Scotland would have to face on issues such as citizenship and nationality. It will be a choice between the continuity and security of being part of the UK or the uncertainty and risk of leaving it.

The press release is as follows:

“Common UK citizenship and the unrestricted movement of people and goods between Scotland and other parts of the UK have been crucial in enabling the integration of communities and businesses, the government’s latest Scotland analysis paper concludes.

The Home Office paper, ‘Scotland analysis: Borders and citizenship’, is the tenth in the UK government’s analysis series. It examines the challenges an independent Scotland could face in taking control of its borders, and sets out the difficult choices about citizenship that a yes vote would mean for people in Scotland.

Minister for Immigration Mark Harper said: “The principles addressed in this paper are fundamental to how we define ourselves: our nationality, the border that protects us and the passport we use to travel the world.

“There are no easy answers to the question of what could happen if Scotland goes it alone. There would be a new international border and – however close our coope-ration – that could mean more bureaucracy and extra controls for people travelling to visit family, go on holiday or do business.

“It would also be an unprecedented experiment with nationality and identity that would reverse centuries of common UK citizenship. It would affect not just millions of people today but also generations to come.”

The paper stresses that management of the UK’s external border is complex, expensive and relies on a fully integrated system across the UK. Currently, all activity to manage, control and secure the UK’s border, and every penny spent, benefits each UK citizen wherever they live or work.

However, should Scotland vote for independence, the current boundary between Scotland and the rest of the UK would become an international border between two separate countries.

The analysis also considers the implications of independence for citizenship. If Scotland became an independent state, its new government would decide who would be able to become, or be required to become, a Scottish citizen. This decision would have profound implications affec-ting not only those who vote in the referendum but also their children and grandchildren.

 Simon Montague Director of Communications British Embassy Madrid

2 thoughts on “Cameron plants negative stories about indy in Spanish press

  1. I think broadly speaking the westminster government that is supposed to represent the UK believes that the EU is a GOOD thing ,the free trade ,residency,borders etc so why does our government as it is at the moment not make a case for an independent Scotland (if that is the settled will of the Scottish people) to have an automatic continuing membership of the EU then all the things mentioned above would by and large be null and void ? Would that not be the adult and grown up thing to do instead of pursuing a totally negative agenda about a decision which is from a fair, democratic and non violent process ? I feel that although the Scottish people are able to exercise our democratic right to vote for independence we are being bullied and threatened all along the way while our Prime Minister is completely complicit in the whole sorry campaign to frighten people from voting for a change. Where is the democracy in that ?

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