The IFS and ProjectFear

by Christian Wright

project fear

Few will be unaware of the current ProjectFear 2.0 drive to convince us of Scotland’s bankruptcy. Usual suspects are trotted out by the usual place men.

In today’s guardian, top contender for our prestigious Empty Suit of the Year award, Severin Carrell, parades the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) – that right wing, Tory-founded, rabidly pro Union, establishment funded, distribution channel posing as an independent thinktank.

The IFS is a notorious propaganda tool of the Unionist plutocracy. This article is in its substance indistinguishable from a Project Fear press release. It isn’t considered-analysis, it isn’t informational, it is propaganda.

The IFS releases a report on how crazy it would be not to continue austerity, and how totally fucked Scotland would be were it to pursue full fiscal autonomy (FFA), even incrementally over a period of years.

This propaganda is then pimped in a lavish article in the staunchly Unionist, anti-Scot Guardian, by their resident cutter-and-paster of anti-SNP invective, the aforementioned Severin Carrell.

In the Herald, Magnus Gardham, that walking sarcophagus of Unionist doom and gloom, fronts yet another study, this time from the “independent group” Fiscal Affairs Scotland (FAS), run by Jo Armstrong ex CS in Labour-run Scottish Government, and John McLaren ex  H.M. Treasury and Scottish Office. Trustee is Robert Black, staunch backer of Johann Lamont’s “something for nothing” culture speech (Remember that? Remember her?).

FAS send the same message as the IFS and the very non-independent nature of neither is revealed by the journos pimping them.

Isn’t it close to the point where this pretendy-journalism’s return on investment hits rock bottom? We know its all part of ProjectFear 2.0, where the players and the material are indistinguishable from the players and the material that brought us Project Fear 1.0.

In the vernacular, its the same old same ol’, pimped by the same cadre of empty suits, faithfully parroting their same master’s voice.

The question is, does anyone pay it any heed, any more?

You know, if after 308 years of this, the most successful union in the history of the whole wide wuruld, Scotland is such an economic basket case that it couldn’t possibly stand on it’s own two feet, isn’t it way past time we threw in the towel and moved on?

No seriously, at what point does this dastardly, Cù-Sìth, doom and gloom, propaganda, blow back and bite its plutocratic masters on their fat assets?

If the system is truly that screwed that Scotland will forever be beholden to the charity of England, why would our benefactors or we wish to continue this failed arrangement?

Have the authors of ProjectFear 1.0 and now ProjectFear 2.0, not provided England the strongest argument for scrapping Barnett?

Why is the British state once again hell bent on denying Scotland control over its finances if their case is genuine?

Shouldn’t they be showing us the door, not trying to frighten us into continuing our status as vassals in the northernmost province of England’s Inner Empire?

I mean, IFS, FAS, !FFA?



In other news.

The YouGov Scotland poll results are in and like many of you we couldn’t resist a bit of a knees-up in a celebration party on the corporate jet on the way to the World Headquarters in beautiful downtown Auchtermuchty


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