Just for the Record


Especially lately, we ourselves have come across myriad examples where britnat empty suits of Her Majesty’s Press and Broadcast Media have with a sneer, implied or directly asserted that alecsammin has pinched Obama’s campaign slogan.

The tacit message seems to be that this speaks to the untrustworthy nature yes we canof the First Minster’s character.

Of course the SNP have used this slogan for at least the past 18 years, during much of which the 44th President of the United States was still an unknown lecturer at Harvard.

Now, I doubt there is much in the way of mendacity driving this apparent calumny, rather it is likely down to indolence, incompetence, and the inability of most British journalists to fire enough neurons in sequence to form a coherent thought.

But the next time you read this jibe, stick this front page in their . . . inbox.



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