by Christian Wright

An abused lord and landowner offers a tear-jerking narrative in the Spectator. The poor bugger has his back to the wall with this SNP-controlled, one-party state of Jockestan.


…[My] grandparents … born in America bought our lodge from the Campbells of Jura … They spent summers on Jura, and occasionally visited in winter. So… now [do] my family…

My childhood was spent… playing cricket on the beach, pulling lobster pots, catching LORD ASTORmackerel, worming for brown trout and catching the odd sea trout with a fly rod in the small spate river. Although my sisters and I occasionally looked with envy to our school friends who went off for exotic holidays on hot beaches, we would never have swapped our Scottish summer holidays.

Following the SNP victory, however,  we worry that we will find ourselves regarded as foreigners… in our own country… Are we estate owners now to be nationalised or made to feel so unwelcome that we have to sell up in a Mugabe-style land grab?

Is it because we don’t sound Scottish? We should not all have to sound like Rob Roy. If the SNP wants us all to speak with a certain type of Scottish accent, what does that say to the … immigrant community [that] still speak with the accent of their birth? Are they not Scottish?

We worry that the SNP have concentrated power in the few. They brook no dissent… one has to admire the way [Jim Murphy] stood up… against the barracking organised by SNP supporters…

The SNP won nearly all the Westminster seats in Scotland with 50 per cent of the vote… But let them not forget the other 50 per cent who did not vote for them, whose voice still matters.


So, as a kid, the poor bastard was deprived of holidays abroad because of his love of Scotland, and now he worries he’s going to be kicked out of the country, his property confiscated, or that he’ll be forced to sell-up for 10p in the pound. It’s like fucking Zimbabwe!

The SNP hate him and his children for their accent and would compel them to change it, the racist bastards!

They deployed their Brown Shirts against the heroic Jim Murphy, didn’t they? Nazis!!!

Now, though nowhere in the article does he mention it, William Waldorf Astor III, 4th Viscount Astor’s, actual beef is that forthcoming land reform legislation requires surviving siblings be given equal equity in the inherited property, rather than it being claimed in its entirety by the eldest son. Oh, and that modest “lodge” he talked about? . . . It comes with a 500 acre estate attached.

Now, is that a land grab by the Scottish Government? The government will take no land. The new law will insist that the land property, the estate, be fairly shared between the off-spring of the deceased owner, REGARDLESS OF THEIR GENDER OR BIRTH ORDER. What exactly is William Waldorf Astor III’s problem with that? This is 2015, not 1815.

Well of course, he knows he can’t make any reasonable case for harassment and abuse based on the facts, so he concocts this tale of class warfare, state bullying, and ethnic bigotry.

Mugabe-style land grab? Really? Where?

I will say that the 4th Viscount Astor demonstrates remarkable chutzpah in this brazen attempt to mislead. If you could melt that enormously wealthy, bullshitting Hooray Henry down, there would be naught but twelve stone of brass neck and a few trace elements of expensive vintage wine. Neither evidence of residual ethic nor any stain of moral principle would be found.

“But let them not forget the other 50 per cent who did not vote for them, whose voice still matters.”

Looks like Lord Astor wants the reader to believe that the other 50% of the electorate support his continued unjust and soon to be outlawed feudal practices. They don’t.

Willie’s voice will be given the weight it deserves along with the rest of the 1% who between them lord it over half of Scotland.

[Lord Astor’s stepdaughter from his wife’s first marriage, Samantha, is married to Prime Minister David Cameron]




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