Why you shouldn’t drop acid before delivering a policy speech at Brookings


George Robertson the former UK Secretary of State for Defence, and former Secretary General of NATO, in a speech to the Brookings Institution in Washington DC, made some bizarre statements about the consequences of Scottish independence upon the World Order.robertson and generals

His extreme language has been roundly condemned here in Britain, even by Unionist pols and some in the MSM.

Over at the Spectator, in an article on the Robertson speech, Alex Massie has done his level best to wordsmith his way around the obvious uncomfortable truth of Robertson’s intervention to make it palatable, at least to the credulous and the unwary.

He has sought to mitigate Robertson’s carnival barking insanity, finding the sentiment if not the actual articulation of the former NATO Secretary General’s thesis, reasonable and eminently defensible.

alex massie

He is wrong in that assessment and in asserting that Britain and not Scotland was the subject of Lord George’s remarks (an absolute requirement if his argument was to have any semblance of credibility).

W’ur doomed, DOOMED!

Robertson’s take is that Scotland is the core without which Britain cannot be an essential foundation for stability in the world; a necessary guarantor of Western influence, and indeed, Western civilisation. [Of course without Scotland there is no Britain in the legal and political sense, so let’s call it what is really is – England (incorporating Wales)]

Robertson then, is asserting that Scotland is the keystone of civilisation (something every Scot knows instinctively).

For if England is reliant upon it to be effective and to do good works, and the wider world’s destiny is directly tied to England’s prowess, then it is the case that the subject of Robertson’s thesis is Scotland.

Remove it from the equation, Robertson tells us, and England will collapse in on itself and be ground to powder.

The wuruld is doomed

The European Union will erupt, Spain will splinter, Belgium will bifurcate, and nation shall no longer speak unto nation. The influence of the West will wane until it is forever extinguished.

Oh the humanity!

Western culture will be eviscerated at the instant Scottish independence is formally declared. And Lord George tells us, as Scotland goes, so goes the wuruld.

The Global Economy will be as a dried prune – its precious bodily fluids sucked out of it.

Yes indeed, that would be the same precious bodily fluids cited by US General Jack D. Ripper in Dr Strangelove, and there is something disturbingly Ripperesque about Robertson’s intervention.General ripper

In this speech to Brookings he has raised camp and hyperbole to the level of a clinical disorder.

I’m seriously worried about George.

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