dictator miliband

All hubris and chutzpah, Ed Miliband on tonight’s Question Time said that he would not form any government reliant on the SNP for support. He made it clear that Scots have a choice to vote Labour or be excluded from the legislative process.

He said a Tory government is preferable to a Labour government tainted by the influence of the SNP, if they are the Scottish people’s chosen representatives.

The effect of this policy will be to disenfranchise the UK’s largest ethnic minority. We take an in-depth look at the thinking underlying Mr Miliband’s statement: THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE SCOTTISH QUESTION


Breaking news is that he won’t do a deal with Paid either, nor apparently the LibDems. He’s Edda Garbo: “I vont to be alone”. The man seems determined never to be PM.

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