We are indeed blessed in the enemies Providence has provided us


Express duplicity

This is in the “you couldn’t make this stuff up” department.
South of the border the Daily Express warns UK pensions payments will drop by 66% while north of the border the Express assures us pensions are safer within the UK


On the eve of Gordon Brown’s intervention into the referendum debate, the media are once again giving his pontifications rapt attention.gordon brown

On two previous occasions he received the same fulsome praise of Her Majesty’s Press. They rolled out the red carpet for him and breathlessly informed readers that Brown remained a well respected, if not revered figure in Scottish politics – a heavy hitter still popular with the proles.

That all this guff was arrant nonsense was evinced by the population’s indifference to his intervention, despite the chutzpah and carnival barking hype of the media.

It is a measure of the cosmic incompetence and cluelessness of the political chattering class and the anti-independence campaign, that they are making the very same error yet again.

A YES vote in September will be a Darwin Award presented to the dinosaurs of the Union’s political class who are facing extinction, due to their arrogance and wilful incomprehensiondarwin award

Brown was Britain’s chief architect of the financial collapse, the enormous cost of which is largely being borne on the backs of those least able to pay it. He is directly responsible for the £100 billion loss incurred by pension funds.

Yet the former PM has habitually and brazenly lifted his Commons salary then jetted off to warmer climes to give speeches for much handsomer reward.

He netted millions while those he is paid to represent were left in the bitter cold, without representation and without hope.

WeOurselves will give some free advice to the Unionist press and political class: If you want to have a chance of winning this campaign you first need to get a clue.

Stop the fear mongering, go away and find out what it is you are supposed to be doing. Your Keystone Cops routine whilst entertaining, is damaging your brand.

In the past several weeks you have shot yourself in the foot, kicked yourself in the arse, poked yourself in the eye with a burnt stick, then you hung yourself, before jumping off a tall bridge.

You have literally become worse than useless, your own worst enemy, as each scare story became ever more shrill and ever dafter.

We in the independence movement are indeed blessed in the enemies Providence has provided us.


As reported in today’s Guardian, the petite and demure, Eilidh whitefordWhiteford, whose exemplary grace and courage you will recall when threatened with a “doing” by Glasgow’s infamous Labour hoodlum, offers this clinical dissection:


Eilidh Whiteford, the SNP’s work and pensions spokesperson, claimed that Brown was scaremongering.

“Gordon Brown is simply repeating the same economically illiterate claims the Tories and Lib Dems made over a year ago,” she said.

“On this backwards logic, the UK pensions bill is 25 times the value of its oil and gas – making it impossible for the UK to afford to pay for pensions.”

“The only new thing in this contribution is that Gordon Brown has finally ended the charade and joined his Labour colleagues in the Tory no campaign.

“Far from relaunching as a positive campaign, this contribution is negative, repetitive and lacks any credibility.”


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