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Fraser Nelson with egg all over his face over Sturgeon’s alleged comments to the French Ambassador that appear in a thoroughly debunked Telegraph article by the notorious britnat jihadi, Simon Johnson.

Did Fraser try to confirm this bombshell “revelation” with Sturgeon or the French ambassador? Well, of course not. That would require effort and some journalist nous. Nelson doesn’t do “effort” and he has the journalistic nous of a cold mince pie.

Fraser is a marginal wordsmith and propagandist, not a journalist, and he will pluck any low-hanging fruit no matter how rotten, if it furthers his masters political agenda. In common parlance, he is an empty suit.

Now that the smear has been comprehensively busted, why is it still being presented as gospel on the Spectator website by Nelson, the journal’s editor?
Fraser Nelson 2Fraser? For some reason he’s answering neither my texts nor my emails.

Yoohoo, Fraser! Come out, come out, wherever you are!



Well, Fraser has at last responded to demands that he update this article in light of its debunking:

Nelson: “And in a bid to protect the auld alliance, M Coffinier has backed up Ms Sturgeon’s denial telling the Guardian:

“I have looked at my notes and absolutely no preference has been expressed by anyone regarding the outcome of the election. Which suggests neither Nicola nor my ambassador said anything.”

With his latest addition to this article, Nelson appears to have crossed the line from innuendo to libel. If he has dispositive evidence M Coffinier is lying it would be an absolute defence in a defamation case brought against Fraser and his employer.

Does he possess such evidence? If so, let him produce it. I for one will back him if he does.

If he does not, and his intent is to falsely impugn the reputation of the FM and M Coffinier with the intent of inflicting substantive injury, it would still be wrong and indeed inaccurate, to brand Mr Nelson a rodent . . .

For there are somethings you just can’t get a rat to do.

Christian Wright (@christainwright)

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