Paul Nuttall’s exploding head

by Christian Wrightpaul nuttalls head
paul nuttall head explodesCourtesy of the Huffington Post I see UKIP obersturmbannführer Paul Nuttall is continuing his overtly racist jihad against Scots whom he clearly regards as untermenschen.

But if we allow this to go unchecked, if we allow the Scottish MPs to be the decision makers on this issue [fox hunting ban repeal], what happens when they take a stance you disagree with? What happens if they disagree with you on Trident, on immigration, on our membership of the EU?”

Yes Paul, SNP’s 56 MP’s can override the wishes of the remaining 591 MPs. That worked well with the SNP’s amendments to the Scotland Bill, every one of which was voted down by a cohort of English MPs many times their number.

Apparently Scotland should have no say on Trident, an instrument of universal death, located some twenty-odd miles from our largest city. Nor should we have a voice on issues of UK immigration, nor on our membership of the EU. Nuttall views Scots as vassals in a vassal state that comprises the hinterland of England’s inner empire.

Paul, Paul! Really, old fruit, you need to relax before your head explodes. Crack open a cold one, fire-up the karaoke, and belt-out a couple of verses of the Horst Wessel Lied – you’ll feel so much better. 


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