Postponing 2015 UK election in event of YES vote


Guardian reports all sorts of establishment types are in a tis, worried about the inequity of Scots being represented in the Westminster parliament when Scotland will still be part of UK/England. Calls to delay the GE until Scotland has dissolved its Union with England.


What if a Labour Government results due to the votes of MPs representing Scottish constituencies? Shock horror!

Well, what of it?

Squeaky-bum time at Westminster – as the Sun would headline it.

This whole thing is a non-issue. If 2015 GE yields a Labour Govt with Scotland as part of the Union, due to the votes of Scottish MPs, – fine, that’s democracy.

Upon the day Scotland becomes independent (March 23 2016 IIRC) and Westminster parliamentary seats in Scotland are extinguished, a vote of no confidence in the Government will win the day for the opposition.

The PM (Miliband), will go to the Palace, tender his resignation, and recommend the Sovereign invite the Leader of the Opposition to form a new government.

Not difficult, no constitutional crisis, no franchise denied.

Now do stop this hysterical carnival barking, some of us are trying to sleep here.

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