by Christian Wright


EVEL as proposed is an apartheid. It segregates and disenfranchises the Scottish electorate. It does indeed create two classes of citizens (for Scotland’s MPs are literally the living embodiment of the express will of the Scottish people).
There will be the fully enfranchised people of England whose representitives are able to play a full part in ALL legislation brought before the UK legislature (consider the “full part” played by English MPs in voting down FFA, a policy supported by a majority of the Scottish electorate).
Then there will be the untermenschen, the Scots, whose ability to exercise their democratic franchise will be strictly limited. Their representatives will be excluded from full participation in shaping legislation in the UK Parliament, not because they are SNP but because they represent Scotland and carry the mandate of the Scottish people.
EVAL implemented within the context of the Union’s parliament, presents an existential threat to the Union itself. A decoupling that creates an apartheid, separate and unequal, and renders Westminster’s theatre naught but satire (consider this Letter from the Prime Minister)



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