Spectator’s pet jock provides light relief

Hamish MacDonnell, über britnat and Spectator resident airhead, is having a difficulty time with cognition. In this stream of consciousness riff that passes for an article he opines:

“Salmond believed, right from the moment he announced his planned timetableHamish balls-up for the referendum, that the Commonwealth Games would provide the Yes campaign with a massive emotional and electoral boost just weeks before polling day.”

And you know this, how, Hamish? You’ve no idea what Salmond thought. You pulled that straight from that orifice wherein the sun don’t shine, didn’t you?

“Even the official emblem of the Glasgow Games – a jaggy thistle – seems to have been deliberately designed to prickle and get underneath those prissy white strips worn by the dastardly English.”

Uh, it was designed by a wee girl named Beth from Cumbernauld, ya plonker, whom we can be fairly sure wasn’t thinking about annoying anyone.Beth

Hamish assures us he ” … can distinguish between patriotism and nationalism – unlike many in the SNP”.

Hamish, you can’t even distinguish the imaginative representation of a 12 year old girl from a dastardly Nationalist conspiracy, ya eejit.

You’re not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, are you, old fruit?

3 thoughts on “Spectator’s pet jock provides light relief

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  2. Loved the comments about Hamish, does my heart good to see someone who thinks the same about these media (AHEM)so called journalists. Somehow I think they have been getting paid for nothing for years.

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