Spectator’s Uncle Tams vacuity evinced in post debate review


The Spectator offers a blow by blow account of the debate here

Not a bad debate – a bit of a rough patch during cross-examination but what else did the Spectator’s ProudScots expect in that format? Fraser Nelson

The first debate was a meh draw. It was the Journos-for-NO and especially those like the Spectator’s Uncle Tams, Massie, McDonald and Nelson (see a proctologist about yon accent Fraser), who concocted the “Disaster for Salmond” meme. Wholly hackfactured by the marginal wordsmith empty suits of NO.

Of course the real question is how many among the critical cohort of low-information voters were A) watching, and B) how many of those who were watching were swayed in one direction or the other?alex massie

Guess we’ll have to wait for some real polling surveys to find out. 

It would serve everyone if the Three Amigos identified above were to spend less time carnival barking about this prize fight and actually offer some studied factual analyses.

You think they might do that? Nah, me neither.

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