The Empty Suit

by christian Wright

empty suit

Panglossian treatment in the Guardian by Severin Carrell of Michael Marra’s desperately scrambled nomination as Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Dundee West (he’s replacing Jim McGovern, who’s stepping down for health reasons).

Most of the article, complete with an heroic square-jawed portrait of a determined Jim Murphy, is a near verbatim repetition of Labour’s press release and commentary, with a bit of original narrative tacked on to provide a semblance of propriety.

It eulogises the decision to choose a conservative to represent Labour to attract Tory and LibDem voters.

Once again I’m at a loss to understand why the Guardian does not save a considerable amount of money comprising Severin’s salary and benefits, and simply publish Labour’s press releases direct and uncut.

For this and many other less than heroic acts of journalistic malfeasance, Serverin Carrell is hereby awarded our prestigious 2015 EMPTY SUIT OF THE YEAR.

Trophy’s in the post, Sev.

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