The Herald reports on a letter to the First Minister from a cadre of Union retired military and intelligence mucky mucks trying to intimidate him and the Scottish people.Herald letter from mucky mucks

“Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, former first sea lord and chief of naval staff, has sent a letter to First Minister Alex Salmond co-signed by former heads of the army, navy, air force and intelligence warning that the SNP’s proposed constitutional ban on nuclear weapons “would be unacceptable for Nato”.

Scotland would be “a new small nation in an uncertain world” in need of allies, but Nato “could hardly be expected to welcome a new member state whose government put in jeopardy the continued operation of the UK independent nuclear deterrent”, Sir Mark said.”

Here is Sir Mark and his crew in New Jersey gangster mode putting the hurt on the Salmond – “Nice little country you’ve got here, pity if something bad were to happen to it”GANGSTERS

“Were the Scottish people to vote for independence, then Scotland, as a new small nation in an uncertain world, would need international partners to help secure its economic and social objectives and allies to provide national security.”

Does ANYONE in their right mind believe, even in the event of it being denied membership, that were Scotland attacked, NATO would not come to its aid?

It is an absurd assertion that this strategically vital North Sea landmass and its adjacent oil and gas reserves and infrastructure, would be ceded to any enemy of the West. it just isn’t going to happen and it is nuts to suggest otherwise.

George Robertson’s speech to Brookings last week elevated camp and hyperbole to the level of a clinical disorder. This latest fear bomb exceeds even that in its unmitigated lunacy.

Please, can we stop treating the Scottish electorate as wholly clueless?


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