The Union’s men are still not getting it

by Christian Wright

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Timely warning for the colonial establishment in an excellent article by Alex Massie in the Spectator. This was penned in response to an article in the Times (“The Australian” reprint is non-paywall) by the noble lord, Baron Finkelstein of Pinner.

This is a thoughtful and accurate analysis by Alex Massie, and clueless troglodytes like his chum “Danny” would do well to listen to him.

Massie: “Heaven preserve us from our friends for, though they mean well, they know not the damage they do. I have great respect for Danny Finkelstein [but]… Viewed from Scotland … this Conservative election campaign has been nothing less than disgraceful. At the risk of some Jocksplaining let me elaborate on this…  Danny Finkelstein sneers at the 1989 Claim of Right and mocks “the sovereign right” of the Scottish people to determine their own future. “

Finkelstein’s polemic is a measure of how reckless and bellicose the Union’s men are prepared to be. Massie seems genuinely to believe they are smart enough to recognise their folly if it is explained to calmly and patiently (and he’s done the best job anyone could do in that respect).

I on the other hand have enormous confidence in their infinite capacity for stupidity, and fully expect them to continue to enable and facilitate our longterm goal of independence.

Danny boy, we’d be hard pressed to do it without you.

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