By Christian Wright

The Unionist’s have embarked on a coordinated attack against those ordinary folks who champion the cause of an independent Scotland.

In the vanguard of this jihad is the Daily Mail, whose patrons you will recall, are distinguished by their many crayoned statements of encouragement, that we Scots scroungers should eat our fried Mars Bars, STFU, and get the frak out.

To its usual racist fair this bastion of intolerance and bigotry is now targeting individual citizens who dare speak their mind in public fora. In a series of defamatory articles this week it has printed personal information to include the location, employment, marital status, children, parents, and photographs, of their victims whose only crime has been to espouse a political view with which this rabidly Unionist propaganda machine disagrees.

The power of all DM’s formidable resources have been brought to bear upon these ordinary individuals in an effort to frighten them into silence by harassing them on their own doorstep, then eviscerating their character in print.

Subsequent articles make it plain that this is meant to be a warning to other Scots who would dare speak out, even to the extent of threatening to set the law on them.

Below is and example of this disgraceful assault courtesy of Wings Over Scotland whose creator is one other targets. In an eye-opening expose, the full gore of this slice’n’dice is laid bare.

The perpetrator of this GBH is the bespectacled Graham Grant Graham Grant


“A retired oil executive, a jobless man of 41 who lives with his mum and a Bath-based video games writer. Meet just some of the agitators whose online poison is shaming the Nationalists”

‘Spilling endless bile and vitriol onto Twitter’

“HUNCHED in front of the flickering computer screen, Brendan Hynes is hard at work, despite the late hour. The divorced father of three has a look of intense concentration as his fingers race across the keyboard.”

And on and on.  {DM article quotes were courtesy of WOS}

Now surely what’s sauce for the goose in sauce for the gander. Where does this sort of approach lead us?

Where does the author of this scurrilous defamatory article live? Clearly he thinks the public has a right to know – at least the right to know the location of others whom he targets for abuse.

With whom does he live? Does he live alone? If he does, what does that say about him? Where was HE born? Would he think it fine were belligerent strangers to bang on his door or otherwise invade his privacy and demand answers to personal questions?

Make no mistake about it, this crawling thing and his employer are engaged in a witch hunt.

What is his marital status? Has he ever been unemployed? Has he ever lived with his mother?. Has he ever been divorced? Has he ever been in receipt of state benefit? Will he have a vote in the referendum?

How would such information be relevant unless your goal is to injure and defame?

Why would not having a vote disqualify advocacy for these good people but not for the Prime Minister of Spain, or the President of Russia, from whom Cameron has begged comment favourable to the Unionist cause?

Are these pro-indy citizens-second-class unlike George Osborne, not eligible to air their opinions?

Neither Cameron nor his Chancellor live in Scotland, neither will have a vote, yet both insist in putting their oar in, and have begged the help of foreign governments to comment in support of their Unionist campaign

How far did Grant go in his zeal to defame? Did he or anyone else involved in the construction of this potentially dangerous polemic, violate any privacy law or governing code of press ethics in the gathering any of the personal information made public?

Particularly troubling was Grant’s inclusion of information about the age and sex of an innocent child and of a frail and vulnerable elderly person victimised in this deliberately provocative piece; a piece that is clearly designed to rouse the ire of those inadequates who share the author’s extreme views and penchant for thuggery. A piece that could easily put his victims and their innocent loved-ones in harms way.

This isn’t journalism, nor the work of an ethical man, nor even a rat, for there are some things you just can’t get a rat to do.


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