YES is a dish best served cold

by Christian Wright (@christainwright)


Osborne: Another trust-funded public school Hooray Henry with a cartoon understanding of history to match his Mickey Mouse grasp of macroeconomics. Just what we need, five more years of inflammatory race-based jibes by Gideon at the expense of the sweaty socks.

Chancellor of the Exchequer during budget speech: “… a strong leader defeated an ill-judged alliance between the champion of a united Europe and a renegade force of Scottish nationalists”

Hello, George? Uh yeah, about that . . . the Scots weren’t actually at Agincourt, old fruit. As the FT notes:

King_Henry_V_at_the_Battle_of_Agincourt“It was actually the English invaders’ crushing victory there that spurred a warming of the “Auld Alliance” between France and the then-independent kingdom of Scotland.

Scottish troops sent to help the French crown defeated English forces at the Battle of Baugé six years later, killing King Henry’s brother.

“You could see Henry as a king who came to grief because he antagonised his neighbours both in Europe and on the British Isles,” said Michael Brown, a medieval historian at the University of St Andrews.”

Hard to escape the conclusion that the Tories othering of Scots goes beyond the imperatives of this election, to a genuine deep-seated racism. The ONLY thing we could be certain of getting after the indyref NO vote was further cuts and the Bullingdon wide-boys sneering contempt. In that respect they have not disappointed.

Perhaps it’s all worked out for the best. Dissolution of this moribund Union should be an ordered affair devoid of rancor and bitterness. Now that Smith has been gutted even
before its ritual emasculation during the legislative process by Red Tory and Blue Tory MPs, the only remaining alternatives are dissolution of our union with England, or incremental FFA.

Which is to say independence before the next parliamentary term is done, or independence some time later (FFA is inherently unstable when kludged on to an unreformed unitary state). Despite all their provocations, their fear-mongering, their belittling, we best be patient.

For like revenge, YES, is a dish best served cold.

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